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Self Contained POP Video Screens - Housed and Modules

These Self Contained Multimedia POP Video Screens are designed for retail Point of Purchase (POP)  and Point of Sale (POS) applications, and feature bright, eye catching LCDs in attractive and durable housings. Each sign includes an integrated Digital Media Player that utilizes Flash Memory to store and play your message.

We offer a number of operating methods for you to choose from so you can match the performance with your marketing requirements. These methods include:

  1. Looping
  2. Motion Sensor Activated
  3. Push-Button Start

For areas where AC power is unavailable we offer a selection of Battery Powered Digital Video Signs that feature either a single push-button activation switch to start playback of a single video, or units with 1~6 push-buttons which allows you to store up to 6 unique videos that the viewer selects by pressing the corresponding push-button switch. Contact Us today for a POP Video Screen quotation.

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