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ADV15PB2IR – 15″ Dual Video Player for Looping or Motion Sensor Activation, 2 Sided

Dual Display Counter Top or Overhead Mount Video Player.


  • Dual 15″ LCDs (front & back)
  • Plastic Housed Video Player
  • Plays your video/images in a Loop
  • 1GB Built-in Flash Memory
  • Built in Speakers
  • Optional Motion Sensor Trigger
    Counter Top or Overhead Use

The ADV15PB2IR features two bright LCD screens, one on the front and one on the back. The ADV15PB2IR can be set to either play your video in a continuous loop, or for the playback to be triggered by the built-in IR Motion Sensor.

Place the ADV15PB2IR anywhere you need viewers to be able to see your video from 2 sides. The bright 15.6″ LCDs on either side will attract plenty of attention and set your promotional display well above the competition.

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ADV15PB2IR – Dual-Sided 15.6″ LCD Video Player for Looping or Motion Sensor Activation. Includes AC adapter.