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Motherboards, Single Board Computers, & Backplanes

Here you will find the largest selection of Industrial Motherboards, Embedded Boards, & Single Board Computers (SBCs) available. From full size ATX motherboards to compact embedded boards, and both full length and half length SBCs.

  • As the WAFER name implies, this series of SBCs is small and low-profile like wafers, but still full-functional like its larger cousins.
  • The EPIC – NANO is an industry open standard for small form factor embedded computer boards, called Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing, or EPIC. NANO Single Board Computers include multiple I/O expansion options. The NANO size is midway between the industry standard PC/104 module and an EBX board.
  • PICO-ITX HYPER motherboards offer power in a compact industry standard size.
  • Full Size and Half Size SBCs are for use with Passive Backplanes in more powerful systems, utilizing a Compact or Rackmount Chassis.
  • Industrial Motherboards are available in ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX, and Pico ITX form factors.
  • We also offer PC/104 CPU cards to choose from.