POP Video Screens

Miller Technologies offers a wide selection of Point Of Purchase (POP) Video Screens, stand-alone POP Video Players, as well as Product Display Stands with integrated POP screens. Screen sizes range from 7″ to 15.6″ LCDs. A variety of playback functions are available, including: Looping; Motion Sensor Activated; Push Button Start. We also offer a selection of 7″ Battery Powered POP screens to choose from.

Our Digital Signage Players are available in either a “stand alone” version that plays from an SD card, or a WIFI connected version that allows the user to update the programming remotely over an internet connection.

The Product Display Stand line features a pegboard stand to hang your products on, and a top-mounted POP screen of your choosing, ranging from a 7″ to a 15″ screen, that promotes your products.

Our Digital Signage and POP Video Screens will boost your sales, get your customer’s attention, make your presentation stand out, and put your product ahead of your competition. These products are robust and designed for use in a retail environment. Contact Us today for a POP Video Screen, Digital Signage Player, or Product Display Stand Quotation.