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Extremeview Series Waterproof Monitors

The EXTREMEview™ Series Sealed Waterproof Industrial LCD Monitors are ideal for harsh or dirty environments where a standard monitor just wouldn’t hold up, or where a rugged compact footprint is required.
The EXTREMEview™ LCD monitor is protected by a sealed rugged cast aluminum enclosure that adheres to NEMA 4X and IP65 specifications. EXTREMEview™ industrial monitors can be desktop, wall, arm or pendent mounted.
The EXTREMEview™ is available with an optional Resistive, Capacitive or Infrared touch screen.
An optional 96-key sealed industrial keyboard can be mounted as part of the EXTREMEview™ wall mount kit. This provides a tilt keyboard for wall mount or pendent applications. Keyboards can be ordered separately for Desktop applications.
In any configuration the EXTREMEview™ is a great choice for all extreme computing applications. The EXTREMEview™ industrial monitor can work as a dust proof, waterproof, sealed, or NEMA 4/4X monitor, and can withstand many high heat environments.

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