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Raindrop Series Waterproof Monitors

The innovative RainDrop™ Series waterproof NEMA 4X sealed monitors can be wall mounted, arm mounted or installed as a desktop computer monitor. RainDrop™ monitors offer maximum flexibility to meet the most demanding monitor display applications. The standard configuration includes a protective thick Plexiglas for LCD screen protection.

An optional resistive touch screen is available. RainDrop™ monitors are perfect for industrial touch screen applications. Brightness and contrast controls are behind a sealed removable plate, securing the controls from accidental resetting. Each RainDrop™ monitor is encased in a rugged ABS plastic enclosure and adheres to NEMA 4X and IP67 standards.

RainDrop™ monitors are ideal for dusty or wet environments, such as foundries, steel plants, food processing, hospitals and laboratories.

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