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Miller Technologies was founded in 1989 by Patrick Miller in Apex, North Carolina. Miller Technologies specializes in sales of Commercial and Industrial Grade LCD Monitors, POP Video Screens and Digital Signage Players, LCD Panel PCs, Medical Computing Products, Industrial PCs & Accessories, and Industrial Keyboards & Pointing Devices. In the year 2000 Miller Technologies moved to Surf City, North Carolina, USA, and we serve our global customer base from here. Miller Technologies is a veteran owned small business.

Miller Technologies is a Manufacturer’s Representative firm. We contract with specially selected manufacturers, whose products you see throughout our website, to sell their products for them on a commission basis. We are their outside sales force. When you purchase a product that you find at our website, you will actually be purchasing directly from the manufacturer, and the products you purchase will be shipped directly to you, not through us. This way we can provide you the very best pricing with no middleman markups.

Our job is to provide you with product information and specifications, pricing and availability, and instructions for ordering from the manufacturer. All of the companies we sell for are located here in the United States.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Miller Technologies is a Manufacturer’s Representative. This means we are the contractual sales representatives for the manufacturers of the products you see at our web site.

As a Manufacturers Representative, we act as the Sales Department for a manufacturer on a commission only basis. Your orders are placed with the manufacturer, products are shipped from the manufacturer, and you are invoiced by the manufacturer. Miller Technologies is not a distributor and does not stock the items shown at our web site. All stock is located at each individual manufacturer’s facility.

Miller Technologies is located in Surf City, North Carolina, a community located on the Southeastern coast of North Carolina.

No. We do not stock any of the products we sell at our facility. That would be far too costly, and our customers would have to pay the price, quite literally. Your orders are shipped directly to you from the manufacturer. This helps to ensure that you get the very best prices we can offer.

All products are shipped to you directly from the manufacturers whose products we sell, and all of them are located in the United States. This keeps our cost of doing business at a minimum, and saves you money.

No. We do not manufacture anything. We sell the products of some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

For a couple of reasons. First, we do not engage in internet commerce because the products we sell are all too often custom or semi-custom in nature, and do not lend themselves to standard pricing. Second, because we are selling products on behalf of a variety of manufacturers, it would be logistically impossible to keep the prices of so many products current. In order to remain as price competitive as possible, we prefer that our customers contact us for pricing. We will always strive to provide the very best pricing we can.

YES! We make every effort to provide the very best pricing we can to every customer. Quantity price breaks can occur with as few as five pieces in some instances. Whenever we can lower your cost, we will make every effort to do so.

By keeping our cost of doing business as low as possible, in most instances we are able to offer prices no other company can. Because we do not handle the products themselves we can pass that savings along to you, and SAVE YOU MONEY!

You may always contact Miller Technologies. We will direct you to the appropriate services. If you have purchased a product through us you should have received documentation from the manufacturer with instructions on obtaining technical support or service. If you have misplaced that documentation, contact us and we will assist you. Contact us either by email at info@millertech.com, or by phone at (910) 328-2829.

What do we sell?

Digital Video Signage and POP Video Screens is one of the fastest growing commercial electronics segments in America today. Miller Technologies has been offering Commercial Grade POP Video Signage since this industry began, and we continue to lead in form and functionality, while striving to provide the most cost effective solutions available.
Among the functions and features we offer are:

  • Stand Alone Screens/Players
  • Looping
  • IR Motion Sensor Activation
  • Push-Button Start
  • Multi-Program Capability
  • 7″ to 15.6″ LCDs
  • Hi Def Media Players
  • Product Display Stands
  • Player Stands

As this market segment grows, count on Miller Technologies to continue to offer the very best in the industry.
We also offer custom POP video signage. While our standard POP video signs are available in either housed or open frame form, we can also customize both form and function to meet our customer’s demanding requirements. Contact us to discuss your application and let us show you what we can do to help you increase your sales.

Miller Technologies has small format LCD displays ranging from 1.8″ (diagonally) to 22″.
These displays are available either housed or in open frame module form. Housed models include stand, wall, and arm mountable, as well as headrest and flip-down (ceiling) mountable for mobile/automotive applications. Many of the headrest mount models are tiltable. Modular models are designed for OEM applications, and can be built into a piece of equipment for resale. Touch screens are also available for many models.
Input signal options include:

  • Computer (VGA)Compatible
  • NTSC & PAL Video
  • HDMI
  • DVI

Some models provide audio output as well.
We also have many accessories available, especially for mobile/automotive applications (12VDC operation), such as:

  • Video Amplifiers
  • Audio/Video Switches
  • AC Power Adapters
  • Stands and Mounts

Because Miller Technologies has always existed on the leading edge of technology, it has always been important to us to offer our customers the very best products from the very best manufacturers.
As a result Miller Technologies once again leads the way in LCD Panel PCs.
These systems feature Color TFT LCD monitors built onto high performance Industrial PCs, for an “all-in-one” solution.
Features include:

  • 7″ to 24″ LCDs
  • Touch Screens
  • Panel, Arm. Rack and VESA Mounting
  • Waterproof Bezels
  • Fully Sealed

As new features and products are introduced, we will make every effort to make those products available to our loyal customers. And as always, if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for at our web site, please ask us. Chances are we can provide you with just what you need.

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive Wall Mountable TFT LCD Display to save space, or a NEMA 4X (IP65) Daylight Readable Panel Mount LCD Monitor with PCAP Touch Screen for use in a clean room or food processing, Miller Technologies has what you need, and everything in between!
This is perhaps the fastest growing segment of the industrial PC industry. The LCD Monitor marketplace has seen an enormous number of companies enter this market, and at the same time it has experienced a very dramatic drop in pricing for quality products, thanks in large part to the burgeoning laptop market.
Miller Technologies has offered LCD Monitors to our customers for as long as they have been available. Today’s LCD monitors are truly plug-n-play.

  • Resistive touch
  • Capacitive touch
  • Projected Capacitive touch (PCAP)
  • NEMA 4 & 4X (IP65)
  • Waterproof Fully Sealed
  • many more options…

When we talk about PERIPHERALS, we’re not talking about disk drives (although we offer the largest selection of memory options in the world). We’re talking about INPUT and OUTPUTdevices, and OPERATOR INTERFACES.
Miller Technologies offers our customers a huge selection of devices specifically designed for industrial applications and environments, such as:

  • Sealed pointing devices
  • Sealed keyboards
  • Touch Screen monitors
  • Small format LCD displays
  • NEMA 4 & 4X ratings
  • IP65 & IP66 ratings
At Miller Technologies we strive to offer our customers the very broadest selection of Industrial PCs and Accessories we possibly can. We have an extensive network of suppliers all around the world from which to draw, giving Miller Technologies’ customers:
  • more options
  • higher quality
  • lower costs
  • highest reliability
Although we offer the largest selection of “off-the-shelf” solutions anywhere, we also provide you with the most design and configuration flexibility and customization options in the world.
  • Rack Mount
  • Wall Mount
  • Embedded
  • Panel PCs (PC with built-on LCD display)
  • Micro Chassis
  • Servers
  • …much, much more
We specialize in fully integrated, tested and burned-in systems at very competitive prices. In addition, we can provide you with Point of Origin Services, shipping directly to your customers, handling all technical support and service, taking concern for the hardware out of your hands.