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ADV70PBIRS – 7″ Widescreen Video Player for Looping, IR Motion Sensor, or Push-Button Start


  • 7″ Widescreen Digital Video Sign with Integrated Flash Memory Player
  • 2GB Built-in Flash Memory
  • 24/7 Continuous Loop Operation or IR Motion Sensor Activation
  • Built in Speakers
  • Removable Table Top Stand
  • Surface, Flush, or VESA 75mm Mounting

The ADV70PBIRS features a bright 7″ Widescreen (16:9) LCD with 2GB of built-in flash memory. Use the ADV70PBIRS to play your advertising message right where your customers will be able to see it. The ADV70PBIRS supports full motion video, as well as still images with audio, which allows you to present a professional and eye-catching advertising message to your audience. In the Looping mode, the ADV70PBIRS will begin playing your message as soon as it is turned on, and your message runs in a continuous loop. When the IR Motion Sensor is activated, the ADV70PBIR will begin playing your video as soon as the sensor detects motion, and will continue playing until no more motion is detected, then it will play through to the end of the video and stop until motion is once again detected. When push-button activation is used, the ADV70PBIRS with play your video from the beginning and stop at the end of the video file.
The ADV70PBIRS comes with a removable table/shelf stand, or it can be surface or flush mounted into your custom cabinetry or display fixture for a professional presentation. The compact size minimizes the use of valuable display space, while the bright colorful display is large enough to catch the eye of any passer-by.
We can also provide the ADV70PBIRS in an open frame format (ADV70PBIRSX) that can be built into your custom display fixture.
The ADV70PBIRS includes 2GB of built-in high speed flash memory. The internal flash memory is loaded through the unit’s USB port. For expanded memory capacity a user provided SD card can be inserted into the SD card slot.
The ADV70PBIRS offers a very cost-effective way to double or even triple your sales. The built-in flash memory player eliminates the reliability problems associated with DVD players which have moving parts that wear out. And because the ADV70PBIRS is self-contained with a built-in media player, there is no need to find a separate place to put a cumbersome DVD or external player. To change your message, simply load your video onto a USB Flash Drive, plug the drive with your new file into the USB port on the ADV70PBIRS, and the player will automatically download the new file into the internal memory for immediate use. Then remove your USB Flash Drive and move on to the next unit. The ADV70PBIRS also includes built-in security to prevent unwanted content from being loaded into the player. Contact us for an ADV70PBIRS quotation.

Resolution: 1024 x 600
Memory: 2GB Internal Flash Memory
Dimensions: 7″W x 5″H x 0.75″D
Weight: 0.55 Lbs.
Supported Video File Types: RM, RMVB, MKV, MOV, M4v, MPG, FLV, PMP, AVI, VOB, DAT, MP4, 3PG
Ports: SD, USB, USB Mini, 3.5mm Audio Jack

ADV70PBIRS – 7″ Widescreen Housed Digital Video Sign. Includes 2GB internal flash memory, one push-button switch, USB port & SD card slot, Remote Control, AC adapter, and Removable Tabletop Support.
ADV70PBIRSX – 7″ Widescreen Open Frame OEM Module Video Player. Includes 2GB internal flash memory, one push-button switch, USB port & SD card slot, remote control, and AC adapter.