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POP Product Display Stands

The ADVSTAND Series of Advertising and Product Display Stands offer a cost effective “off-the-shelf” way to display information about your products while displaying the products themselves. The perfect Point Of Purchase solution.
ADVSTAND stands are available by themselves without the digital sign on top for you to use in a variety of ways. For example, there is a 3-sided channel at the top of the stand designed to hold an advertising card with your logo and product information on it.
Using the 10 metal hangers that are provided with each stand, you can hang your products right on the stand intermixed with advertising and images, for example.
Utilizing the pegboard with holes on 1 inch centers, you can customize your stand with advertising and displays and hands-on examples for your customers to check out.
Be as creative as you want. Screen print your company’s logo onto the pegboard area. Attach samples of your products. Hang literature racks. Use your imagination.
ADVSTAND Series floor stands are available with a durable Black or Gray powder coat finished pegboard. The ADVSTAND-T counter top stand is only available by Special Order (100 pc. MOQ applies) and comes with a Powder Coat finish in the Pantone color of your choice for the pegboard. All bases and support tubes are black. Each stand comes pre-wired with a DC power extension cable that runs from inside the base to the top of the stand to connect a power source, if required, to a device attached to the top such as one of our POP Video Screens. This cable has a female barrel connector in the base, and a male barrel connector at the top.

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