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ADV70PLM – 7″ Video Player Open Frame Module, Looping/Push Button Start, 1-6 Programs, AC or Battery

7″ Digital Sign Open Frame OEM Module with Audio and Start Push Button Switch. Can be All Push Button start, or Looping Menu Video with 1-6 Alternate Program Selection Buttons.


  • Push Button Activation
  • Integrated Flash Memory Player
  • 512MB Built-in Flash Memory (496MB max. file size)
  • 2 x 2 Watt Speakers
  • ON/OFF Power Switch
  • Select a Power Source: 1) Battery Holder (Holds 8 x “D” Cell Batteries); 2) AC Adapter
  • Built-in Security Features Prevent Unauthorized Downloads
  • ADV70PLM can be Looping, Push Button Start, or a Combination
  • 1~6 Optional Red Blinking Program Selection Buttons

The ADV70PLBT (housed version) features a bright 7″ Widescreen (16:9) LCD, a built-in flash memory player and a red blinking START push button mounted to the front panel. The ADV70PLBT is designed to be operated from a battery pack, but can also be powered from an AC adapter. The video player starts playing your video when the button is pressed and automatically turns itself off at the end of your video file. This feature serves to conserve battery life when battery operation is implemented. The ADV70PLBT also supports an additional 2-5 optional red blinking push button switches that allow the viewer to select additional programs to view.
Use the ADV70PLBT to play your advertising or instructional message right next to your product where your customers will be able to see it. The ADV70PLBT supports AVI full motion video, allowing you to present a professional, colorful, and eye-catching advertising or instructional message to your audience in an attractive and durable white plastic housing.
The ADV70PLM is a 7″ POP Video Player Open Frame Module (no housing) that can be set to either play your video in a continuous loop (AC powered version) or can be configured with 1 to 6 red blinking program selection buttons to play multiple programs that the user selects. When used with the included battery holder, the ADV70PLM will play the video associated with the selected push button from beginning to end, then turn off until another button is pressed. Up to 6 unique videos can be stored in the player’s internal flash memory, with each video associated with a specific push button switch.
When used with the optional ADV70PLBT-AC AC adapter, the ADV70PLM will play a MAIN or MENU video in a continuous loop. This looping video can be used by itself, or you can use it to prompt your viewers to press a push button to select from 1 to 6 additional program videos using the optional red blinking program selection buttons. The ADV70PLM will play the video associated with the pressed button through to the end, then return to looping the MENU video. The ADV70PLM supports a maximum of 6 Program Selection Buttons.
The ADV70PLM features side mounting flanges to easily integrate into your custom designed cabinet or fixture.
Multiple Program Selections
The ADV70PLBT and ADV70PLM support 1~6 program selection buttons to allow selection of a variety of promotional or instructional videos about the features of your product or products.
Power Options
The ADV70PLBT & ADV70PLM can be operated from batteries using the optional ADV70PLB-D8 battery holder (batteries not included) or from AC power using the optional ADV70PLBT-AC AC adapter. Part number ADV70PLBTB includes the ADV70PLB-D8 battery holder, and part number ADV70PLAC includes the ADV70PLBT-AC AC adapter. When either unit is powered by batteries, looping of your video is not recommended, as this will drain the batteries quickly. Push button start is recommended for battery power. A new set of good quality batteries will yield approximately 1,800 minutes, or 30 hours, of total play time.
The ADV70PLBT includes a “kick stand” fold out stand for shelf or countertop use, can be mounted right into your display cabinetry or store fixture, or can attached to any industry standard VESA 75mm mount or stand, providing a professional presentation that will put your product heads above the competition. The compact size of the ADV70PLBT minimizes the use of valuable display space, while the bright display is large enough to catch the eye of every passer-by.
The ADV70PLM module features side mounting flanges. The ADV70PLM is designed to be built into your custom display or cabinetry.

The ADV70PLBT & ADV70PLM offer very cost-effective ways to double or even triple your sales. Unlike DVD players, the ADV70PLBT & ADV70PLM have no moving parts to wear out. And because the ADV70PLBT & ADV70PLM are self-contained, there is no need to find a separate place to put a cumbersome DVD player. To change your message, simply load your video onto a USB Flash Drive or SD card, plug the drive or card with your new file into the built-in USB port or SD card slot on the ADV70PLBT or ADV70PLM, and the ADV70PLBT or ADV70PLM will automatically download the file into the player’s internal 512MB flash memory for immediate use. Then remove your USB Flash drive or SD card and move on to the next unit. And because both the ADV70PLBT & ADV70PLM can be battery powered, you no longer have to locate your display near an AC outlet. Contact us for an ADV70PLBT or AdV70PLM quotation.


Screen Size – 7″ Widescreen (16:9)
Brightness – 200 NIT
Supported File Types – AVI, JPEG/MP3
Power Requirements – 12 VDC @ 0.55A Max., AC Adapter: Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, Output: 12VDC @ 2000mA
Controls – Power, Volume
Memory – 512MB Internal Flash Memory (496MB available for user files) (Loaded via USB or SD)
Viewing Angle (R/L/T/B) – 55°/55°/10°/35°
Dimensions (H/W/D)
ADV70PLBT: 6 1/4″H x 8 3/4″W x 1 3/8″D
ADV70PLM: 3 15/16″H x 6 1/2″W x 1 1/4″D
Battery Holder: 5 1/2″(L) x 2 5/8″(H) x 2 3/4″(D). 18″ Wire.
Resolution – 720 x 480
ADV70PLBT: VESA 75 mm, Tabletop “Kick Stand”
ADV70PLM: Flanges
Operating Temperature – 0° ~ 45°C
Storage Temperature – -20° ~ 70°C
Integrated Digital Media Player. Push Button Start, Automatic Stop at end of file.


ADV70PLBT – 7″ Housed POP Video Player with Front Mounted Blinking Start Push Button Switch. Requires external power source.
ADV70PLBTB – ADV70PLBT 7″ Housed POP Video Player with ADV70PLB-D8 Battery Holder (batteries not included).
ADV70PLAC – ADV70PLBT 7″ Housed POP Video Player with ADV70PLBT-AC AC Adapter.

ADV70PLM – 7″ POP Video Player Open Frame Module. Includes 1 Red Blinking Program Selection Button, and ADV70PLB-D8 Battery Holder for 8 D Cell Batteries (batteries not included). Can be used with optional ADV70PLBT-AC AC adapter.

ADV70PLB-D8 – Battery Holder with Batteries for the ADV70PLBT & ADV70PLM. Holds 8 D Cell Batteries. 18″ wire.

0019D – D Cell Alkaline Battery (8 Required)

ADV70PLBT-AC – AC Adapter for AFV70PLBT & ADV70PLM (North American Compatible Plug.)

ADV70PLBT-SW – External Switch (1 switch) for Additional Program Selections for the ADV70PLBT & ADV70PLM. 15.5mm diameter, 20″ lead wire.