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LCDRV700CCDR – Rear View Waterproof Back Up Camera


  • Back up camera has built in microphone
  • Night-vision – capable of viewing in complete darkness
  • Oil and gasoline resistant trailer cable
  • Professional cast aluminum cable connectors for years of service
  • Durable powder coat camera finish
  • Optional Motorized Shutter (LCDRVCCDRMH)
  • Optional internal heater (LCDRVCCDRMH)
  • Cast Aluminum camera housing

The LCDRV700CCDR is a waterproof back up camera designed for vehicle use. It features IR night vision, and the image is user selectable between mirror or non-mirror. The f2.8 lens provides a wide 110 degree viewing angle, and the output image is selectable between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios to match your screen’s input. Optional cables are also available. Contact Us for an LCDRV700CCDR quote today.


  • Back Up Camera Resolution: 425 TV lines
  • Mirror image or Non-mirror image
  • CCD type: 1/3 CCD Color
  • Back Up Camera Infrared: 28 IR LED Night Vision
  • Back Up Camera Iris: f2.8 wide angle lens 110 degree angle
  • Back Up Camera Aspect Ratio: 16:9, 4:3 selectable
  • Back Up Camera Dimensions: 93mm (W) x 67mm (H) x 58mm (D)
  • 4-Pin Threaded Output Connectors

LCDRV700CCDR – Rear View Waterproof Camera
LCDRVCCDRMH – Same as LCDRV700CCDR but with Motorized Shutter (to cover lens) and Internal Heater