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AE-6420E – AM/FM/DVD/CD/USB/SD, PA Ready Bus/Motor Coach Entertainment Center

Includes 2 rear and 1 front mic inputs and 4 x 45W audio outputs. ISO Din compatible size.


Radio: Frequency: 87.5-107.9 MHz (Step 200KHz)
FM1,2,3: 3 x (5 x 1)
FM Presets: Frequency : 530-1710 kHz (Step 10KHz)
AM1: 6 presets
AM Presets: FM1, FM2, FM3, AM1, AM2,
Features: Manual Tunning, Search, Pre-Scan

Electronic Volume Control (Rotary Encoder Knob)
Electronic Fade/Balance Controls
Electronic Bass/Treble Controls
Mute (Front of Radio)
Speaker Short Circuit protection to ground
Speaker Impedance (4 – 8 ohms)
Maximum Output Power (4 x 45 watts)
Audio Formats (Std MP3, WMA)

Positive type LCD with Wide Viewing Angle

Direct Replacement for Custom Radio Corp DVD Player

Power/Speaker Conn.: 2-Row, ISO plug
Aux input: 3.5mm Aux input, front panel of radio.
USB port: Front Panel (MP3, MP4, AVI)
Mic #1 input: Accepts Dynamic Mic 3-way w/ 1/4″ Plug
Mic #2 & #3 input: Accepts, Dynamic Microphone Signal
Std Motorola Type: Female Antenna Connector.
Video Output: RCA Female Connector
Video Input: RCA Female Connector
Audio Output: Stereo RCA Female (L+R)
Audio Input (Aux #2): Stereo RCA Female Pigtail (L+R)
Video Trigger Out: When Video Playing, Send Signal and turn on Power Relay to LCDs

Chassis: ISO-Din (Short Chassis – 4 Inches Deep)
Operating Voltage: 12 Volts DC, Negative Ground.
Fused Memory Power: 10 Amps
Speaker Wiring: Floating GND (No bridge conn. allowed)
Volume Memory(Battery Connection): Mic #2, Tuner, Aux inputs, USB, SD volume levels are retained in radio memory. Eliminates the need to repeatedly adjust volume levels between theses modes.
Digital Clock: Yes
Mode selector button: Select Audio Source – Tuner, Aux, USB, SD

Accessories Included
Din Sleeve: Yes
Bracket Release Keys: Yes (Quantity 2)
Retail Packing Carton: Yes
Owner’s Manual: Yes