ADVS – Solar Powered Flashing LCD Message Sign

Solar Powered Flashing LCD Message Sign.


  • Compact Size
  • Indoor Light Powered
  • Continuous Flashing
  • Interchangeable Message Insert

The ADVS is a low cost, compact, solar powered Flashing Message Sign. The ADVS is fully self contained and requires no batteries. Standard indoor light is sufficient to power the ADVS.

The ADVS uses a film transparency or cell that is easily inserted behind the front cover. Changing your message is quick and simple, so the ADVS can be used over and over throughout your store. Use the ADVS to draw attention to a specific product or sale items throughout your store.

And the ADVS is low cost enough to utilize dozens. Contact us today for ADVS pricing.

Dimensions: 2 3/16″(H) x 3 1/4″(W) x 1/4″(D)