Light Industrial LCD Panel PC Selection Guide

Light Industrial Touch Screen Panel PCs

Today, more and more customers are looking for advanced services - e.g. round-the-clock servicing, just-in-time delivery, etc. Service automation enables the exchange of information and communication between administrators and clients through thin, low power consumption devices. Upgrade your service platform with our service automation solutions, which feature advanced communication, solid mechanical characteristics, and versatile functionality. These solutions help you keep up with your customers, while staying a step ahead of the competition.

The 3rd Generation of Industrial Panel PCs builds on our extensive experience supplying the worlds best computing solutions. Featuring IP64/IP65 front panels for true protection from the elements, These powerful computers offer everything needed to perform the toughest tasks for years to come. Our GEN 3 Panel PCs offer a wide selection of add ons and mounting options, for the most flexible and powerful solutions available.
Platform Intel® Celeron® N2807 (Dual Core, 1.58 GHz) Intel® Celeron® J1900 (Quad Core, 2.0 GHz) Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3, Pentium® and Celeron® Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 and Celeron® on-board Processor
W7" AFL3-W07A-BT      
8.4" AFL3-08A-BT      
W10.1"   AFL3-W10A-BT    
12.1"   AFL3-12A-BT    
W15.6"   AFL3-W15A-BT AFL3-W15B-H81 AFL3-W15C-ULT3
W18.5"       AFL3-W19C-ULT3
W21.5"       AFL3-W22C-ULT3


From the heritage of affordable Luxury. The AFOLUX GEN 2 Panel PC shows it’s spirit to exceed the history of the AFOLUX Series. The AFOLUX GEN 2 Panel PC is slim and stylish and provides two touch options: Resistive and Projected Capacitive. RFID reader and wide voltage power input are just some of the features that make the AFOLUX GEN 2 Panel PC more flexible and more powerful than ever!
Platform Intel®  Core™
i7/ i5/ i3
Intel® HM65  Intel® Atom™ D525 Intel® Atom Processor N2600 Intel® Atom Processor N2800 Intel® Atom Processor N270
W7"       AFL2-W07A-N26    
8"       AFL2-08A-N26    
10.4"         AFL2-10A-N28  
W10.2"         AFL2-W10A-N28  
12"   AFL2-12A-HM65 AFL2-12A-D525      
15" AFL2-15A-H61          
W15" AFL2-W15B-H61          
17" AFL2-17A-H61          
W21" AFL2-W21-H61