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Computer Products

Miller Technologies offers a variety of Waterproof Sealed Touch Screen Panel PCs and Monitors to meet even the harshest and most demanding of conditions. Unlike standard Panel PCs and Monitors where the only protected part is the front panel, Waterproof Sealed Panel PCs and Monitors are sealed on all sides against liquids. Typical uses for Waterproof Sealed Panel PCs and Monitors include food processing, dusty and dirty environments, high moisture environments, clinical, pharmaceutical, clean room, vehicle mounting, construction, agricultural, heavy equipment use, and more!

The CYCLONExtreme and HURRICANExtreme are constructed of Cast Aluminum, the T-6700 and T-8865 are fabricated from Steel, and the TS-1210 Series, TS-1710 Series, TS-3010 Series, and TS-4010 Series are all constructed from Stainless Steel. All of these Waterproof Sealed Panel PCs can be washed down. These Waterproof Sealed Panel PCs are rated IP65, IP67, or NEMA 4X on all surfaces.