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Virtually every system we supply is a custom system. Because of our expertise and worldwide industry contacts, we can provide custom systems that are cost effective and very competitively priced. 

The following photos illustrate an example of a custom 2U Rackmount Appliance that we developed for one of our customers. This chassis is based on a standard rackmount chassis and is modified to meet this

customer's specific needs. The colors were specified by the customer using Pantone color numbers to exactly match their corporate colors. See the internal photo below.

Inside the chassis all components are selected to exactly meet the customer's needs and performance requirements. With every system we supply, we do not try to find a way to fit a pre-configured off-the-shelf system into the customer's application. Some examples of the features that we consider are:

  • Motherboard Features

  • Processing Power (CPU Speed, Number of Processors)

  • Operating System (Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.)

  • Memory Type, Speed and Amount

  • Disk Drives, including type, physical size, capacity, rotational speed, access time, Read/Write Capability, etc.

  • System Cooling Requirements

  • Environmental Operating Conditions

  • Networking, I/O and Interfaces

  • Location and Type of Controls and Indicators, such as Power and Reset (Front, Rear, Left, Right)

  • Power Supply Requirements

  • Future Expansion & Upgradeability

  • Much, much more...