TS-4010 Series

The TS-4010 Series are full IP66 PCs designed to be placed in food and beverage manufacturing plants or similar types of environments. Food and beverage manufacturing plants have demands that go beyond regular industrial automation conditions. The equipment needs to be able to be sterilized and thus able to withstand airborne particles, hot water, and mild chemicals. In addition to this, motion or vibration along with 24/7 use need to be accounted for. These IP66 PCs are made with industrial grade components for all of the above conditions. Also, the Intel Quad Core Processor in the TS-4010 Series is designed to work with ERP software or similarly demanding programs where consistent live tracking of data is needed. Included with these full IP66 PCs are M12 anti-corrosive metal connectors and an optional IP67 power supply with IP67 cable set. Overall, the seamless full flat screen with the very slim stainless steel enclosure provides a refined, clean and bright look to your work setting.