Digital Audio Player Module with 1-5 Program Selection Buttons. Speakers are Optional.


  • Plays MP3 Audio Files
  • Continuous Loop Play
  • 1-5 Program Selection Push Buttons
  • Red “Blinking” Push Button Switches
  • Plays from User Supplied SD Card or USB Flash Drive
  • Supports 2x Optional Speakers
  • AC or Optional Battery Power
  • Other Configurations Available, such a Motion Sensor Activated, etc.

The ADVAUD5 is a self-contained Digital Audio Player that plays your MP3 audio files from an SD card or USB Flash Drive. The ADVAUD5 includes 5 program selection push-button switches that allow the user to select from 1-5 unique audio files for listening. When a program selection button is pressed, the ADVAUD5 will play the audio file one time and then return to the previous state, either OFF or Looping a MENU audio file.

When powered by batteries, the ADVAUD5 will be in the OFF state until a Program Selection Button is pressed. The ADVAUD5 will then play the selected audio file through once, then turn off again until another button is pressed. The Program Selection Buttons include a very low power flashing LED to attract attention to your display even when there is no audio playing.

When the ADVAUD5 is powered by an AC adapter, you have the option of running a MENU audio file that plays in a loop. The ADVAUD5 can be used this way without any other functions, or it can be configured with 1 to 5 of the included Program Selection Push-Button Switches. When configured with program selection push buttons, the ADVAUD5 will switch to playing the selected audio file when a button is pressed, then return to playing the MENU audio file once the selected audio file has played through once.

The ADVAUD5 plays from a User supplied SD Card or USB Flash Drive.

Power – 12VDC
AC Power Supply – Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, Output: 12VDC @ 2000mA (2A)
Switch diameter – 20mm (0.787″)
Switch hole diameter – 15mm (0.590″)

ADVAUD5 – Digital Audio Player Module with 5 Program Selection Push Buttons. Speakers optional.
ADV70PLB-D8 – Optional Battery Holder. Holds 8 D cell alkaline batteries (batteries not included)