Motherboards, Embedded CPU Cards, Single Board Computers, Passive Backplanes and PC-104 Selection Guide

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Industrial Motherboards

Full Size Single Board Computers

Combining commercial characteristics and industrial reliabilities, we present the new Industrial Motherboard Series, including Mini ITX, Micro ATX, and full-featured ATX form factors, with higher extension ability than commercial products, like six COM ports, Gigabit Ethernet port, Compact Flash type II socket.

Full-sized SBC cards were designed under the most common industrial passive backplane interface standards PICMG and PIAGP. That offers compatibility with ISA / PCI add-on cards, even the greatest graphic interface solution – the AGP bus. Includes both PICMG 1.0 (WSB and ROCKY Series), PICMG 1.3 Graphic (PCIE Series), and PICMG 1.3 Server (SPCIE Series).

Mini ITX
KINO Series

Micro ATX
IMB Series

IMBA Series

Half-Size Single Board Computers

5.25" NOVA

Half-sized SBC cards include the PICOe Series - PCI + PCI Express, PCISA Series—combined PCI and ISA bus, and the IOWA Series - ISA Bus. Half-sized SBCs are a flexible and space saving solution for industrial computing platforms.

NOVA series is our multi-functional solution for embedded systems.

3.5" WAFER


As the WAFER name implies, this series of SBCs is small and low-profile like wafers, but still full-functional like its larger cousins. WAFER series boards are also compatible with most common Operating Systems.

EPIC - NANO is a new industry open standard for small form factor embedded computer boards, called Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing, or EPIC. Single Board Computers with multiple I/O expansion options. Its size is midway between the industry standard PC/104 module and an EBX board.


Passive Backplanes

PC/104 and PC/104-Plus are most compact solutions for embedded system. They have a small form factor of 3.5” floppy disk but powerful and flexible functionality, and also stand for the other embedded systems extension option.

The Backplane is the basement of the IPC. Our backplane product series offers not only the highest compatibility with power supply units and connectors but also the best flexibility of extension slots selection.

Miller Technologies offers a wide selection of Motherboards, Single Board Computers and Passive Backplanes from which to choose. Our Motherboards include ATX, Micro ATX, NLX and other formats. Depending upon the chassis you select, a Single Board Computer (SBC) can be used in a Passive Backplane that provides anywhere from 1 to 20 slots. Passive Backplanes offer a wide selection of ISA and PCI slot combinations, can support anywhere from 1 to 4 separate systems (SBCs), and can support up to 8 separate CPUs in a single chassis. Passive Backplane systems offer extensive expansion capability, as well as optimum serviceability. The ease with which an SBC can be removed and replaced in the field means an absolute minimum downtime for your critical applications and processes.
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